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Couple planted and swallowed razor blades in doughnuts, police say

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office

Michael Conder and Carrol Lee Leazer

A Utah couple claimed they swallowed razor blades hidden inside store-bought doughnuts, but police say their story had a hole in it — the couple planted them.

The couple, identified by authorities as Michael Condor, 35, and Carrol Lee Leazer, 39, were arrested Monday. Among the charges was aggravated assault because the couple let one of their co-workers at a Dollar Tree store bite into one of the doughnuts, police said.

Police got a call last week from someone who reported finding a triangular piece of sharp metal in a doughnut purchased from Smith’s Food Store in the city of Draper, outside Salt Lake City.

Hospital X-rays showed several razor blade pieces the size of fingernails in the couple’s stomachs, police said. But as detectives looked into it, “things weren’t adding up,” Draper police Sgt. Chad Carpenter told NBC affiliate KSL in Salt Lake City.

Investigators told the Deseret News newspaper that the couple were trying to win a settlement from the store. The couple were in debt, the newspaper reported, citing a police statement.

The co-worker bit into the suspect doughnut but did not swallow it and was unhurt, Carpenter said. The co-worker is the one who reported the metal to police, Carpenter told KSL.

Smith’s initially pulled that brand of doughnut off its shelves.

“Those doughnuts were actually manufactured out of state and sent to that store in sealed, tamper-proof packaging,” Marsha Gilford, a spokeswoman for the grocery store, told the newspaper.