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Swarm of bees kills puppy in California

Mike Meadows / NBCLosAngeles.com

Firefighters use foam and water to attack a bee swarm that wound up killing a pit bull puppy at a North Hollywood home.

A swarm of bees disturbed by tree trimming crews attacked and killed a pit bull puppy on Saturday outside a North Hollywood home, according to a resident who was attacked and fire officials.

The bee attack happened after noon in the 11500 block of Cumpston Street. The attack prompted a call to Los Angeles firefighters, who used a mixture of foam and water to kill the bees, said Brian Humphrey, a department spokesman.

“We arrived to find a swarm of bees agitated by a trimming crew,” Humphrey said.

The dog belonged to a neighbor and was taken to a veterinary clinic where it died, said Donald Patterson, who was stung on the face and arms.

He was not seriously hurt.

He said tree trimmers cut a branch, unleashing a swarm.

"You can imagine how many bees it took to take a dog out like that,” he said.

This is the latest of several reported bee attacks in California.

Earlier month, a swarm of bees killed a 10-year-old Australian Shepherd mix near Modesto. In Ventura a swarm of Africanized honey bees attacked 16 dogs at a pet boarding center June.