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Surprise! Officers get a fright when 'dead' deer leaps out of trunk

Some Michigan police officers got the fright of their life when a deer jumped out of the trunk of a car they were inspecting after the car owner told them he had recently hit the deer and stuffed it in the trunk.

Some Michigan police officers got a scare when a deer — spooked, probably wounded and apparently determined not to be roadkill — jumped out of the trunk of a parked car during an inspection.

The officers were on patrol in the middle of the night Tuesday, checking on parking lots, when they found what they deemed to be a suspicious man sitting in a car, NBC affiliate WOOD in Grand Rapids reported.

The man told one of the officers, “I hit a deer. I figured you’d want to see it.”

A Kalamazoo police spokesman said that the man had hit the deer on a road and was going to use the meat to feed his family. The officers wanted to make sure the deer was properly tagged with a permit.

The man hit the trunk release, and out hopped the deer, hind legs first —  causing both officers to jump back with a start. The deer tumbled onto its side, managed to right itself and scampered into nearby woods.

“Oh, he’s still alive!” shouted one of the officers, David Miller.

It was all captured on the officers’ dashboard camera.

The spokesman, Lt. Stacey Geik, told WOOD that he was proud of Miller.

“He held his ground nicely,” he said.

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