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Police: Teen carjackers lock woman, 89, in trunk for two days

An elderly Delaware woman who was discovered wandering around a cemetery had been dumped there after teenagers abducted her and drove her around in the trunk of her car for two days, police said.

Margaret E. Smith, 89, of Lincoln, encountered her alleged captors at a convenience store in Milford, Del., on Monday around 11 a.m., when two of them -- girls, ages 14 and 15 -- asked for a ride back to Lincoln, according to Delaware State Police.

Smith agreed, but when they arrived at the residence they had requested she drive them to, instead of getting out, the two girls demanded Smith's keys, according to what Smith later told police.

Smith struggled to keep her keys, but was overpowered by the girls, police said in a press release. The teens then allegedly ordered her out of the car and managed to force her into the the trunk. At some point during the two days that she was held in the trunk, Smith was robbed of $500 from her coat pocket, police said.

Delaware State Police Master Corporal Gary Fournier said police first became aware that Smith was missing when a relative reported on Tuesday that Smith hadn't contacted anyone in hours and hadn't taken daily medication she needed for medical conditions.

Police located Smith Wednesday at about 8:20 a.m. after receiving reports of an elderly woman wandering confused around graves in a cemetery in Seaford, Del. Her car wasn't in the area. Police took her to a hospital, where she was treated for exposure and released.

As police interviewed Smith about her ordeal, troopers spotted her car being driven by a group of teenagers. They pulled them over and charged the five teenagers -- the two girls who initially allegedly interacted with Smith, a third girl and two boys -- with kidnapping, carjacking, conspiracy, and robbery.