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$1 million! Three friends honor long-time pact to split lottery winnings

Georgia Lottery Corp.

Georgia Lottery President and CEO Debbie D. Alford stands with $1 million Powerball winners James Scoles of North Pole, Alaska; Kenneth Wilson and Sanford Watson of Macon.

All for one, and $1 million for all.

Three long-time chums who made a pact to split the pot if one of them ever won the lottery got their payday last week, Georgia Lottery officials announced on Thursday.

And to top it all, the threesome’s windfall was foretold by an after-dinner treat.

James Scoles, 56, was cracking a fortune cookie in his town of North Pole, Alaska, on March 15, the same day his buddy Kenneth Wilson bought a lottery ticket at a grocery in Twiggs County, Ga.

His fortune? “It said, ‘You’re going to win the lottery,’” Scoles told lottery officials, according to a press release put out Thursday.

Whether that prophecy influenced what happened the next day in the Peach State could not be independently confirmed by NBC News.

But on March 16, Wilson could barely believe his eyes when his numbers came up: 3-7-21-44-53. He didn’t hit the Powerball number, but still managed to lock down a cool million.

Wilson will be splitting it three ways with Scoles and his cousin, Sanford Watson, who also lives in Macon.

“I was just as tickled for them as I was for myself,” Wilson told NBC News. “We just had a verbal agreement and I felt like that had to be honored.”

Wilson had to wait about a week before collecting his loot, however, as he waited for Scoles to fly in from Alaska.

“It was a lot of sleepless nights,” said his wife Dorothy Wilson. “I never would have thought winning money would have been that stressful.”

Scoles said at a press conference on Thursday that he plans to spend some of his share on a “Georgia honey baked ham, and a smoked turkey, and some good barbecue sauce.” Wilson, who is retired, says his only plans right now are to pay off some bills.