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Calif. girl on school field trip struck by arrow

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An 8-year-old  girl on a school field trip to the University of California science museum in Berkeley was hit by an arrow while she played on a whale sculpture.

UC Berkeley Police

Arrow that hit 8-year-old girl on Tuesday.

The girl, who was hit in the leg Tuesday, had to have the arrow surgically removed. She spent the night in the hospital and was released on Wednesday afternoon, according to NBCBayArea.com.

Who fired the arrow, which came from a crossbow, remains a mystery. Police were tracing the projectile's trajectory to determine where it came from, but have not located a suspect. It remained unclear if the arrow shooting was an accident or a malicious act.

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The whale sculpture is located in a plaza outside the Lawrence Hall of Science. Other students in the area were taken inside after the girl was hit.

UC Berkeley does have an archery group, but its members practice on the other side of the campus.

Field trip chaperone Geoff Vassallo said the girl cried as she waited for an ambulance, but “was a pretty brave little girl.”