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San Jose man drives car into Walmart, beats customers

San Jose Fire Department

This car drove into a San Joes, California WalMart Sunday morning, according to police. The driver then got out of the car and beat four customers with a blunt object.

A man drove a car into a San Jose Walmart, then grabbed a blunt object and began beating customers Sunday morning, police said.

Police said they received word that a car had driven into the Walmart at 777 Story Road at 11:15 a.m. on Sunday.

They said the driver then got out of the car, grabbed a blunt object from inside the store and began hitting people with it.

Four people were injured, one of them seriously.

Sources say a pregnant woman may be among the injured, all of whom were taken to the hospital.

The man accused of driving the car and assaulting the people was booked into county jail.