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Baseball's opening day sees a return to winter temperatures for much of US


An area of cloudiness associated with a cold front stretches from New England through the Gulf of Mexico in this NOAA satellite image taken Monday.

The eastern two-thirds of the mainland United States were set for more winter weather on Monday with a cold front set to bring temperatures of up to 20 degrees below normal, forecasters said.

The weather warmed up over the weekend but the arrival of April was set to see temperatures plunge once again, according to the National Weather Service. It warned there was “a slight risk of severe thunderstorms” in parts of the Texas Panhandle.

Baseball fans heading to several opening-day games were advised to dress for the conditions.

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Weather.com also warned there was a chance of thunderstorms in Florida and parts of the Gulf Coast, and a chance of severe storms in southern Georgia.

The National Weather Service said it would feel like winter for much of the country.

“The brief warm-up that brought temperatures to near normal for parts of the central and eastern U.S. over the weekend will quickly come to an end,” the National Weather Service said on its website.

“A strong cold front will bring much colder temperatures to the northern U.S. by Monday and to the eastern U.S. by Tuesday,” it said.

“Temperatures will be 10 to 20 degrees below normal, and will be reminiscent of winter for the eastern two thirds of the country,” it added.

Weather.com’s temperature map showed much of the country turning blue into Tuesday, with temperatures forecast to be as low as 2 degrees in Minnesota, 22 in northern New England, 29 in Kansas, and 34 in Tennessee.

Chris Dolce, of weather.com, joked that “you would think we were playing a cruel April Fools' Day joke as we look at the forecast to start out the upcoming work week.”

"A cold front is starting to usher in yet another blast of late-season arctic air that will charge into the central and eastern states … of course, this only piles on to the misery of what has been a frustrating cold March east of the Rockies,” he said.

He said that fans heading to opening-day Major League Baseball games would need to bundle up in Minneapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.


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