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Judge removes juror from Arias trial, denies mistrial

Pool via AP

Jodi Arias answers written questions from the jury during her murder trial on March 7.

The judge in Jodi Arias' high-profile murder trial on Tuesday denied defense lawyers' request for a mistrial and dismissed a juror from the case.

Arias' lawyers claimed the juror made comments to another member of the jury that brought into question her impartiality, the Associated Press reports. The move resulted in Judge Sherry Stephen's removing that juror but denying the claims of a mistrial. The move leaves five alternate jurors in addition to the 12 charged with deciding the case.

Last week lawyers for the defense argued prosecuting attorney Juan Martinez committed misconduct by signing autographs and posing for pictures outside the Phoenix, Ariz., courtroom.  

Arias, 32, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her ex-boyfriend whom she admitted killing in June 2008. The Arizona native could face the death penalty if convicted. Under state law all 12 jurors must agree on the death penalty.