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California accident justifies crying over spilled milk

They say never to cry over spilled milk, but motorists headed for Los Angeles on busy Interstate 5 Tuesday night very well might have.

Two tractor-trailers, one of them a tanker loaded with milk, collided on the interstate, which serves as California's main north-south artery, just before 9 p.m. near Santa Clarita, police said.

The accident and accompanying milk spill closed three of the four southbound lanes of the interstate, causing a backup for almost two hours, California Highway Patrol Officer Cheyenne Quesada said.

The milk truck's driver might have shed a tear as well. He was traveling at 65 mph and apparently did not see the other truck pulling out from the road's shoulder and into his lane, Quesada said. He required medical treatment after the fierce impact, but both drivers left the scene under their own power, the officer said, adding that an investigation was continuing.

Traffic was light when the crash occurred, Quesada said, so the incident could have been significantly worse for other motorists, too. "If it was northbound when people were still leaving for work, it might have been a different story," he said.

As for the people who found themselves tied up at the scene, Quesada offered just one tip: "I said they needed some cookies."