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New video reveals inside of deadly Florida sinkhole

Newly released raw video shows the inside the deadly, dark pit that swallowed a man as he slept back in February.

New video of a sinkhole that swallowed a Florida man has been released -- nearly five weeks after the dark pit opened up and killed the man as he slept.

The video offers the first glimpse of the sinkhole that officials estimate eventually grew to be 60 feet deep, according to NBC affiliate WFLA.com in Tampa. Officials recorded it with a small camera that was slipped into the unstable home.

It shows a bedroom floor that's almost entirely collapsed into the earth, even though its walls and ceiling remain intact.

The bottom of the pit that swalled Seffner, Fla., resident Jeff Bush on the night of Feb. 28 is not visible.

"I've been a basketcase the whole day, ever since I've seen it," Janelle Wheeler, who lived in the house with Bush, said after viewing the video. "It's just like, like you ripped off that Band-aid."

Her family is staying in a rental for the next few weeks, paid for by insurance, WFLA.com reported on Tuesday. 

Bush's remains were never found, and he was presumed dead.

Hillsborough County has condemned two other houses next to Bush's home due to their instability, WFLA said.

Luis Echeverria / AP

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