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Coast Guard searching for man missing in water at Carnival Triumph shipyard

Bill Starling / AP

The Carnival cruise ship Triumph is damaged after the being dislodged from its mooring at BAE shipyard during high winds Wednesday, April 3, 2013 in Mobile, Ala.

The Coast Guard is searching for a worker who was thrown into the water at an Alabama shipyard where high winds also tore the Carnival Triumph from its moorings Wednesday.

The missing employee -- identified as a 64-year-old man by NBC affiliate WPMI -- works for the company that runs the shipyard, not the cruise line, and was in a guard shack that was blown off the dock, officials told The Associated Press. A second man who was tossed into the 40-foot-deep water from the shack was rescued.

The same 70 mph gusts pulled loose the star-crossed Triumph, which was being repaired after a February engine fire that stranded thousands of passengers at sea with backed-up toilets and dwindling food supplies.

The 900-foot vessel drifted from one bank to another and smacked into a cargo ship before it could be secured. None of the 800 workers aboard were hurt, according to Carnival, though there was a 20-foot gash in its hull.

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The ship, which was left adrift in the Gulf of Mexico in February with more than 4,000 passengers aboard, sustained additional damage during a storm that caused it to blow into the Mobile River. A guard fell into the water and is still missing. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.