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Pickup found in suspected Florida double kidnapping

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office via AP

Cole Hakken, 4, left, and his two-year-old brother, Chase

An abandoned pickup truck police say may have been used by an “anti-government” man to kidnap his two young sons from their grandmother’s house has been found in Florida.

Police say that Joshua Hakken, 35, apparently broke into his mother-in-law’s Tampa home after 6 a.m. on Wednesday and fled with the boys aged 4 and 2 – but not before tying up their grandmother.

Hakken put the boys, still in their pajamas, into their grandmother’s 2009 silver Toyota Camry and drove off, police believe. They think he traded cars a few blocks away for a black Sierra pickup matching the description of the one found late Thursday evening.

The grandmother freed herself and called the police around 6:40 am, according to a police statement. The state of Florida issued an Amber alert for the two boys and their father, along with mother Sharyn Hakken, 34.

“Both suspects are anti-government and have attempted a previous abduction at gun point in Louisiana,” the sheriff’s department said in a release.

Authorities in several states have been on the lookout for the couple. The abandoned 2006 GMC pickup was located in a parking garage in Madeira Beach, Fla., the Hillsborough Country Sheriff’s Office said in a release. The truck was processed for evidence in the garage before being taken back to Hillsborough County to be impounded, local NBC affiliate WFLA reported.

Warrants have been issued for Joshua Hakken on two counts each of kidnapping, interference in child custody, and child neglect, according to the sheriff’s department. Warrants have also been issued on charges of false imprisonment, burglary, and grand theft auto.

Joshua Hakken was arrested on multiple drugs charges in Louisiana in June of last year, according to the sheriff’s office. Soon after that, Louisiana placed the two boys in temporary foster care.

While the two boys were in foster care, Hakken “showed up at the foster care facility waving a gun and began beating on the front door,” according to the sheriff’s office. The man fled the scene without entering the facility or reaching his children.

Why the children were staying with their grandmother was unclear. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's office said in a statement that they were working with Louisiana and federal law enforcement to ascertain why the Hakkens lost parental rights.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office via AP

Joshua Michael Hakken and Sharyn Patricia Hakken in undated images.