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Body of Nevada official found in river, four suspects arrested

Authorities say a body believed to be Nevada's missing chief insurance examiner was found wrapped in a blanket and bound with duct tape in a river, and four suspects were arrested in the case. KRNV's Ashley Cullins reports.

The body of Nevada's missing chief insurance examiner was found wrapped in a blanket and bound with duct tape in a river in Carson City on Saturday. Four suspects in their 20s were arrested and charged with murder in connection to the case, according to the Carson City Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Deputies were called to the apartment of William McCune, 62, after he failed to board a flight with a co-worker and other employees on Thursday.

Carson City Sheriff's Dept. / AP

This photo released by the Carson City Sheriff's Office shows William McCune. A sheriff says a body believed to be that of Nevada's chief insurance examiner, McCune, was found Saturday April 6, 2013, in a river in Carson City, and four suspects were arrested in connection with his disappearance.

At the residence, where McCune lived alone, authorities found evidence of a bloody and violent struggle, but no sign of McCune or any signs of forced entry.

Four people were quickly arrested but any motive or relationship to the victim is still unknown, Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong told The Associated Press. Furlong added that McCune’s death might be related to “personal” matters and not be work-related.

The victim had no known family in Carson City but the police is trying to locate his relatives in another city.

All four of the suspects -- Michael Evans, 23; Anthony Elliot, 20; Raul Garcia, 22; and Makyla Blackmore, 20 -- were charged with murder.

Evans was arrested in Carson City and the other three suspects were arrested on the Las Vegas strip on Saturday morning.

“This crime is very bizarre because of three reasons: the age difference between the suspects and the victim, the number of offenders and the fact that one of offenders is a woman,” Furlong told NBC News.

“The motive was theft and we believe at least two of the suspects knew the victim," he added.

An autopsy on the body is being performed by the Washoe County medical examiner’s office to confirm identification and rule on the cause of death.

It is not yet known what weapon or weapons were involved in the crime, authorities said.

The victim’s pick-up truck wasn’t found but its license plates were located on Friday night at a residence that suspect Evans frequented, Sheriff Furlong said.

McCune was working as a chief insurance examiner since December 2009, said the Nevada Division of Insurance spokesman Jake Sunderland to The Associated Press.

Carson City is the capital of Nevada and has a population of 50,000.

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