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New Jersey cops go undercover for pedestrians

Police in one New Jersey town are putting their foot down for pedestrians.

Motorists who failed to yield for people crossing the street in Fort Lee  paid the price recently when cops went undercover to nab rude drivers at one of the city’s most dangerous intersections.

Police issued 56 summonses during a four-hour period on Friday when a plainclothes officer repeatedly crossed the street in one of the town's least pedestrian friendly intersections, according to The Record.

When driver’s failed to yield, they were  pulled over down the street by another waiting officer.

The crosswalk sting is in response to a spike in the number of accidents involving pedestrians. Twelve people have been struck by cars so far this year in the northern New Jersey town, the paper reported.

Last year, 68 pedestrians were hit, including four deaths.

Fort Lee, located just outside New York City, has had problems with pedestrian safety in the past.  A year earlier they mounted a similar campaign to help increase walkers safety.

But some Garden State driver’s called in question how the undercover sting was being enforced.

“I did not see him at all, which means he was not on the street,” Katie Graziano, who received a ticket, told The Record.  “It’s the most bogus thing I’ve ever seen.”