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Sandy Hook principal's daughter on Twitter tear against filibuster senators

Erica Lafferty, the daughter of the slain Sandy Hook Elementary School principal, joins MSNBC's Thomas Roberts to talk about her conversation about gun control with Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and the proposed GOP filibuster.

The daughter of Sandy Hook Elementary's slain principal wants to talk to all the senators who threatened to filibuster gun-control legislation, but only one has answered her calls and tweets.

Erica Lafferty's Twitter feed drew lots of attention when she called out the 14 politicians Tuesday, tweeting poignant messages and photos about her mother, Dawn Hochsprung, to their official accounts.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy started retweeting her, and she got hundreds of replies, retweets and mentions from strangers around the country.

So far, only one of the senators -- Ted Cruz of Texas -- has reached out to Lafferty, 27.

"We agreed to disagree," Lafferty said Wednesday. "At least he called me back."

Cruz's office did not provide details about the "personal" chat.

"He is glad they had the chance to speak and it was a respectful conversation," said spokeswoman Catherine Frazier.

Even as senators announced a possible deal on background checks, Lafferty said she still wants to hear from the other 13 on why they would threaten to block debate and voting on legislation sparked by the Newtown, Conn., massacre.

"What are they scared of? My mother wasn't scared in the halls at Sandy Hook," she said. Lafferty would like to see legislation passed that includes universal background checks and an assault weapons ban.

Most of the Senate offices did not immediately respond to an email inquiry about Lafferty's efforts. A spokesman for Sen. Mike Lee of Utah said he couldn't find a record of a call but was willing to "work it out" with her. An aide to Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas said they were working to arrange a meeting.

Lafferty, meanwhile, was taking her campaign from Twitter to the airwaves, appearing on several TV news shows.

"They're not going to shut me up," she said. "I'm loud. I'm opinionated. If people want to hate me because I'm trying to protect their children, let them hate me."


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