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Couple vandalizes vet's office after dog's death: police

A couple from San Francisco was arrested Thursday for vandalizing a Miami veterinary office after they found out their dog died during minor knee surgery.

Reyez, an America bulldog, was at Banfield Pet Hospital, inside a PetSmart at 3301 Southwest Coral Way, for the procedure. When they found out he died, Alejandra Zavaleta, 31, and Edman Vargas, 34, were outraged.

Pictures show medical supplies littering the floor and window blinds torn apart.

According to Vargas' sister, Cindy Vargas, what sparked the incident was the doctor's lack of information about the dog's death.

NBC 6 South Florida

Reyez, an American bulldog, died Thursday during minor knee surgery.

"The doctor was standing up against the counter with his arms crossed and saying 'I don't know what happened,'" Cindy Vargas said. "When we had specific questions he left the building."

According to one PetSmart employee, the doctor left the building because he feared for his safety.

The hospital released a statement Friday explaining the dog's condition.

"Reyes [sic] appeared to be recovering normally after anesthesia when he unexpectedly went into respiratory and cardiac arrest — the hospital administered CPR but was unsuccessful in reviving Reyes," said the statement. "Anytime a pet undergoes anesthesia there is a rare risk of an unforeseen adverse event."

The statement goes on to say: "We understand how hard it is to lose a pet — our hearts go to the Vargas family for the loss of Reyes.”

Edman Vargas and Zavaleta are being held on a $13,000 bond each.