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Twister leaves two-mile path of damage near New Orleans

TODAY's Al Roker gets us up to the minute with the latest weather updates, including a mulch fire in Prince George's County, Md., and damage to homes near New Orleans after two tornadoes touched down there Wednesday.

A tornado tore through the New Orleans area Wednesday, damaging homes and ripping trees out of the ground, as intense storms lashed the area with rain.

The National Weather Service (NWS) said the twister was one of two that caused damage in Kenner, Louisiana, near New Orleans International Airport.

No injuries were reported, according to the Times Picayune’s website NOLA.com, but about 5,000 Entergy Louisiana customers lost electrical service.

The first tornado's path stretched two miles and 75 yards wide and packed winds of 75 mph. The second's path was a half a mile long and 50 yards wide and recorded winds of 90 mph.

Residents posted pictures on social media of torn roofs, fallen trees and flash floods caused by torrential rains, weather.com reported.

Witness Adine Humphrey told NOLA.com: "The wind picked up. The rain picked up. You kind of heard that noise like a train a little bit. I looked next door. I seen the debris going in circles. I ripped my mother inside."

The NWS said the airport tower lost power during the storms, which struck during the middle of the day on Wednesday.


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