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Philadelphia man sent to prison for dog doo-doo shooting

A neighborly dispute over dog poop led to the shooting death of a 47-year-old father, according to Philadelphia police. WCAU-TV's Claudia Rivero reports.

A deadly dispute over dog doo-doo will cost a Philadelphia man 20 to 40 years in prison, a judge ruled Friday.

Tyrirk Harris, 28, was sentenced for the February 2012 shooting death of a neighbor who confronted him for not cleaning up after his German shepherd and Chihuahua. Prosecutors said Harris pulled a gun and shot 47-year-old Franklin Manuel Santana once in the face and four times in the back. 

"There were dog feces on several of the neighbors' yards. That's what led to this particular confrontation," Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told NBC Philadelphia shortly after the crime. Police said the two had an ongoing dispute about the dogs.

 Harris was convicted of third-degree murder on Feb. 1.

 “An animal only would get a gun and shoot somebody over something so senseless, so unimportant” Casandra Perez, Santana’s cousin, told the Associated Press. “He could have just called the cops and try to resolve this amicably.”

Neighbors who witnessed the shooting said Harris was stunned after he shot his neighbor. "He didn't run," said one witness. "He stood there, shocked that he did what he did."

Harris testified that he acted in self-defense because Santana threatened him over the dogs.

The Associated Press contributed to this report