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Deadly sneeze: Driver hits, kills man on Florida roadside, police say

A Homestead, Fla., man was struck and killed by a passing car after the driver reportedly sneezed and crashed into him, police said.

Victor Aguiar, 56, was pushing a disabled car on the side of Haverhill Road in Lake Worth early Saturday morning when another car, driven by Shawn Gruber, 27, crashed into him, said a report from the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office.

Aguiar was pushing the disabled car north on Haverhill Road with Oscar Cristo Gomez, 28, while Michael Gomez Rodriguez, 16, helped steer it. The car did not have lights or reflective markers, according to the report.

Gruber told police he sneezed as he was driving, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the disabled car. He swerved to the left, but hit the disabled car from behind, pinning Aguiar and Gomez between the two cars, police said.

Aguiar was pronounced dead on the scene, while Gomez was transported to Delray Medical Center where he remains in critical condition, the report said.