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Police release sketch of suspect in case of missing Mich. woman

North Shore Police Dept.

North Shores Police Department released this composite sketch of a suspect in the abduction of Jessica Heeringa, a 25-year-old woman who apparently was abducted while working at a gas station in western Michigan.

Police have released a sketch of the suspect they believe abducted a 25-year-old woman working at a Michigan gas station Friday night.

The sketch by Michigan State Police was based off the description of the only witness who has thus far claimed to have gotten a glimpse of the suspect parked in a van near the Exxon Mobile station where Jessica Heeringa was working the last time she was seen.

The witness claims to have seen  white male with broad shoulders and a stocky build driving the car that may have abducted Herringa, police said.

"We're assuming it could be somebody she knew or an acquaintance or a customer she built a rapport with," Norton Shores Police Chief Daniel Shaw told the TODAY show.

Police in Norton, Mich., have released video of a minivan they believe may have driven away Jessica Heeringa, 25, who went missing late Friday night from her shift at an Exxon gas station. NBC's Ron Allen reports.

Authorities have received hundreds of tips since Heeringa's mysterious disappearance. Family and friends have littered the small town that sits on the Lake Michigan shore with photos of the young mother of a three-year-old boy.

"She would never leave that little boy, it would never happen," Jessica's mother, Shelly Heeringa, told NBC News.

Police have also recently released video of a silver minivan caught near the crime scene.

Police were summoned to the gas station around 11:15 p.m. Friday when a customer trying to pump gas called 911 after becoming suspicious as to why no one was working at the gas station. There were no signs of a struggle and the woman's purse and belongings had been left behind along with all the cash in the register.

Shaw said it is likely that Heeringa was somehow lured outside by the suspect, but there gas station has no security cameras to back up that theory.