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Rick Perry's target practice video the talk of NRA meeting

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By Omar Villafranca, NBCDFW.com

Mix Governor Rick Perry, a Ted Nugent song, a military style rifle and an egg exploding during target practice, and you get the most talked about introduction video at this week’s National Rifle Association meeting in Houston.

The short video played just before Perry took the stage to a welcome applause from the crowd. It shows Perry taking aim at an egg from about 100 yards out with a LaRue Tactical rifle, which is made by a company that recently opened up shop in Texas. The video then shows Perry hitting metal targets like a marksman. 

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The video got quite a reaction online, and not all of it was good. The responses on Twitter ranged from folks saying Perry’s video did nothing but “promote and excite the already gun-thirsty and violent society” to others saying “I love Rick Perry! He should be President...great guy.” 

Several media outlets, from the Washington Examiner to the Huffington Post splashed the video on their websites. Some political pundits accused Perry of shooting the same type of weapon used in the Newtown, Conn. school shooting -- an AR-15. 

Perry's office said he was shooting a LaRue PredatOBR 7.62. Tom Mannewitz with Target Master Indoor Shooting center, a Garland gun shop and range, said the gun looks like an AR-15 and has the same frame, but is different and shoots a different caliber bullet. You can see the YouTube video of Perry below.