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Kidnapped women leaped into officer's arms when found, police report says

FBI handout

Amanda Berry, left, Georgina DeJesus and Michelle Knight are shown in a combination photo from undated handouts released by the FBI.

The moment of freedom for two of the women allegedly kidnapped and held for a decade in dilapidated home in downtown Cleveland arrived with a joyous leap into the arms of a police officer.

A police report obtained by NBC News details the officer’s account of that instance -- after Amanda Berry cried out for freedom from behind a storm door and neighbor Charles Ramsey came to the rescue, kicking in the door and giving Berry – missing since 2003 -- and her 6-year-old daughter a path to escape.

According to the report, an officer arriving at Ramsey’s place on Seymour Avenue were told by Berry that "other girls" were in the house across the street.

The first officer at the home entered  through the busted-out panel in the storm door where Berry and her daughter had escaped moments earlier. An officer tried to open the door to let others in, but couldn’t.

Another officer managed to crawl in through the broken door and kick open the storm door, allowing more officers to pour in to search the home.

Two officers went to the basement, but found nothing.

Walking upstairs, one officer shouted, “Cleveland Police” at which time Michelle Knight –  last seen by family members at a cousin’s home in 2002 — appeared and “threw herself” into an officer’s arms.

The officers asked if anyone else was upstairs, and out came another woman. The officer holding Knight put her down, and the other woman also jumped into his arms, according to the police report.

Asked what her name was, she said Georgina DeJesus. She was a 14-year-old seventh-grader when she first vanished in 2004 while walking home from school.

Knight quickly told officers she could not breathe and that her chest hurt. Officers called for an emergency medical team, which sent a wagon.

All three victims, and the young girl rode with officers in the wagon to a hospital, during which time they told the officers how suspect Ariel Castro allegedly lured them into his car, the police report said.