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Giant sheets of ice creep onto Minnesota shore, surge toward houses

A creeping wave of ice comes ashore on the banks of a lake in Minnesota.

Minnesotans saw scenes reminiscent of a Hollywood sci-fi spectacle this weekend when massive waves of ice surged out of the water and crept onto the shore like some fast-moving glacier.

Powerful gusts of wind drove giant sheets of ice toward townhouses hugging the southern lip of Lake Mille Lacs at the northwest end of the state.

Amateur video footage captured at the scene shows 2-foot blocks of wind-whipped ice jams stubbornly inching across residential patios at a speed of 2-feet-per-minute, according to NBC meteorologist Dylan Dreyer.

In one of the videos uploaded to YouTube, a woman can be heard comparing the sound of the ice blocks charging toward homes to that of a train chugging on tracks. Moments later, the ice sheets collide with homes facing the river, pressing intently on glass windows and doors.

“It’s hitting the houses! It’s crawling up the walls of the houses,” the woman can be heard saying.

Seconds later, the woman sees an ice block plow through a neighbor’s sliding glass door.

"Oh my God! Their door is in,” the woman can be heard saying.

No injuries have been reported, but several homes were damaged after the ice blocks piled onto shore.

Winds around Lake Mille Lacs were easing Sunday morning and the tide of ice waves had stemmed, according to Dreyer.