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Arizona murderer Jodi Arias taken off suicide watch, back in regular jail

Pool / Reuters

Jodi Arias listens during closing arguments in her murder trial Friday, May 3.

Jodi Arias is off suicide watch after an evaluation established that she wasn't a threat to herself — even though she said she hoped a Phoenix jury would sentence her to death for killing her former boyfriend — authorities said Monday.

Arias, 32, was convicted of first-degree murder last week for killing Travis Alexander in 2008. In an interview afterward with KSAZ-TV of Phoenix, she said she would "rather get death than life" and that death was the "ultimate freedom."

Maricopa County sheriff's officials said Monday that Arias had been transferred back to the inmate population at the county's Estrella Jail for women after having been observed on suicide watch for five days in a psychiatric ward, The Arizona Republic reported.

The jury that convicted Arias is scheduled to reconvene on Wednesday to determine whether she should face death or life in prison. 

That phase of the trial was supposed to have started last Thursday, but it was postponed without an official explanation. Sheriff's deputies also arrested an 18-year-old man that day and charged him with threatening to bomb the courthouse where Arias was tried.

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