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No Powerball winner for third-largest jackpot drawing

With no Powerball winner drawn last night, the jackpot is now the third largest in history. The next drawing will be held on Saturday. NBC's Mara Schiavocampo reports.

Nope, you didn't win. 

There was no Powerball winner in Wednesday night's drawing for the $360 million jackpot, the third-largest prize ever, Sue Dooley, an official with the Multi-State Lottery association said. 

Nati Harnik / AP

Parker Adair works the Powerball machine at a Baker's supermarket in Omaha, Neb., on Wednesday.

The next drawing will be Saturday May 18 for a grand prize of $475 million. 

The winning numbers for the jackpot were 02-11-26-34-41, with Powerball 32.

Powerball tickets are sold in 43 states.

The biggest jackpot ever totaled $587.5 million. That unbelievable sum was split between two tickets on Nov. 28. New Jersey resident Pedro Quezada won the fourth-largest Powerball prize ever in March, taking home a $338 million jackpot.

If you couldn't match these numbers, you might not be totally out of luck. A game redesign last year made such gargantuan prizes more common and raised the price of a ticket to $2.

There’s a one in 175.2 million chance of anyone's winning the grand prize, according to Powerball.

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