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Oklahoma tornado: How to find people, pets


Google's Crisis Response Center provides information and compiles resources to aid tornado survivors and their loved ones.

In the aftermath of one of the deadliest tornadoes in U.S. history, many are desperately trying to reach loved ones in areas affected by the disastrous event. Google and the Red Cross are helping confirm the safety of tornado survivors, while the Oklahoma Humane Society and Reddit users band together to take care of missing pets.

Google Crisis Response Center and Person Finder
Google has set up a Crisis Response Center page on which it provides shelter information, weather reports, public alerts and links to a variety of resources to aid those in or around the towns of Moore, Newcastle and southern portions of Oklahoma City. The search giant has also enabled the Google Person Finder tool at a plain and simple-to-use site for sharing and gathering information about those missing after the tornado. The tool was originally created after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

As with previous versions of the tool, all someone needs to do is enter as much of a person's name as he or she knows and Google will provide any related information — including last known location, physical descriptions, last reported status and messages left by those searching for the individual.

Those seeking to add information to the database will need to provide the full name of the individual they've got information about, as well as their own names and e-mail addresses.

The American Red Cross' 'Safe and Well'
The American Red Cross' "Safe and Well" page is also serving as a way to confirm that loved ones are doing all right. It functions similarly to the Google Person Finder, but instead focuses on individuals listing themselves as "safe and well," in addition to letting others search for loved ones.

Oklahoma Humane Society
Efforts are being made to ensure that pets make their ways home safely as well. The Oklahoma Humane Society is doing its best to house and treat lost and injured animals. The organization's Development Office, which is collecting donations for a disaster relief fund, can be reached at (405) 607-8991.

Reddit users are banding together to keep track of lost and found pets
 in the town of Moore. Photos of, and information about, lost and found animals is easily searchable on the site.

A Facebook page, May 19th 2013 OK Tornado Doc & Picture Recovery, is helping unite photos and documents scattered by the tornado with survivors


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