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Oklahoma at risk of more tornadoes as storms threaten much of US

Dr. Scott M. Lieberman / AP

A pair of lightning bolts are seen striking the ground as a line of thunderstorms passes over Tyler, Texas.

Thunderstorms -- bringing large hail and the chance of "a tornado or two" -- were expected to hit central and southwestern Oklahoma and parts of Texas Thursday as bad weather continued to hit the Plains.

The National Weather Service published a map showing much of the U.S. had a “slight risk” of severe thunderstorms. The risk area extended from Texas and Florida to New England and the Great Lakes and from Texas up to Montana and Washington.

“The activity is expected to be far less significant than the outbreak earlier this week, but hail could be particularly large in northwest Texas and western Oklahoma,” the weather service said.

Tannen Maury / EPA

A monster tornado hit Moore, Okla., Monday afternoon, leaving at least 24 dead.

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In its outlook for Thursday posted at 1:52 a.m. ET, the weather service said that it expected that storms would develop early Thursday across northwestern Texas and into southwestern and central Oklahoma.

“Primary threat will be very large hail. A tornado or two may also be possible especially during the early evening,” it added.

In the Northeast, the weather service said “storms may undergo a gradual intensification” with a chance of “mainly isolated damaging wind.”

“Any severe threat should diminish by early evening,” it said.

Parts of Massachusetts were hit by severe storms on Wednesday evening that at one point prompted the weather service to issue a tornado warning. There were no reports of one touching down.