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Gem in the ruins for Oklahoma mom

Kael Alford / for NBC News

Missy Hall shows the gold necklace that her brother gave to their mother before he died of cancer 13 years ago. More than a dozen volunteers came to the area to help search for the necklace and photographs that were buried in the rubble of the family's home after a tornado ripped through the neighborhood.

Pat Hall had one request for volunteers scouring the rubble of her ripped apart home in a rural corner of Oklahoma City: find the necklace that her son, who died quickly from cancer, gave her before his death.

She got her wish. Brian Foster, an Air Force Master Sgt. volunteering with his local church, plucked the necklace with a gold nugget out of a pile of debris where Hall thought it might be.

“This is my son that passed away 13 years ago. He got me this, so I really wanted to find this,” she said, breaking down as she held up the necklace from her son Chad, who died at 36 from a rare form of cancer.

“We built here because Chad our son lived right down there (the street). … we wanted to be close to him and his family.”

Foster was helping at another tornado-torn house when he and a few volunteers heard about the search for the necklace and came over. He said they moved a wall out of the way in the debris, where the family thought the necklace was, when they came across jewelry and then the cherished find.

“Very, very lucky. In the midst of all this to actually come across that is amazing,” he said as he took a break from the cleanup. “The one thing that they absolutely wanted to find and amongst everything. And just to be able to pull that out of all of this has definitely been a blessing.”

Kael Alford / for NBC News

Photographs and other sentimental items recovered by volunteers and family members from the rubble of Pat and Quentin Halls' home.

“It was incredible,” Missy Hall, Pat's daughter said of the find. “That's the only thing she wanted.”

Pat and her husband, Quentin, are staying with Missy while they consider the path ahead. At this point, she doesn't think they'll rebuild.

“It's just devastating. You don't know what to do first. You don't know what to do second. You don't know what to do,” she said.

“But the Lord doesn't make any mistakes. He's going to get us through it.”

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