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Heavy rainfall, thunderstorms expected as severe weather moves eastward

Dylan Dreyer tracks where the storms may be heading this weekend, from Texas to Ohio.

A day after deadly twisters tore through the Oklahoma City area for the second time in two weeks, forecasters say that a wide swath of the country – from the Ohio and Tennessee valleys to the Northeast – is under threat of heavy rainfall and fierce thunderstorms as the wild weather system moves eastward.

A cold front is expected to creep away from the Midwest and Plains states Saturday and inch toward to the east by Sunday, with heavy showers and severe thunderstorms projected to hammer a long belt of land, stretching from Maine to the Appalachians, according to The National Weather Service.

At least 40 million on the East Coast – including residents of Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City – should brace for the possibility of serious thunderstorms Sunday evening as the weather system cuts a path through the region, according to The Weather Channel.

All the while, flash flooding and river flooding are likely to remain a serious threat in the Midwest, particularly in Oklahoma, where at least five people were dead Saturday after multiple tornadoes ripped through the state just 11 days after a ferocious twister left 24 dead in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore.