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Florida bouncer accused of killing three in humiliation over being punked

Andrew Joseph Lobban was held without bond on three first-degree murder counts. Travell Eiland of NBC station WESH reports.

A bouncer at a Florida nightclub shot and killed three other bouncers early Sunday morning after being humiliated by a video prank, according to police.

Andrew Joseph Lobban, 31, was held without bond on three felony counts of first-degree murder after he admitted having shot the three men shortly after midnight at AJ's Bar, part of the Ocala Entertainment Complex in Ocala, about 50 miles south of Gainesville, authorities said. He was arrested about noon at his girlfriend's residence.

All of the victims worked with Lobban as bouncers at the complex. One died at the scene; the two others died at the hospital.

According to an Ocala police statement, Lobban said he shot the men — identified as Benjamin Larz Howard, 23; Jerry Lamar Bynes Jr., 20; and Josue Santiago, 25 — because they were laughing and teasing him over an embarrassing video of Lobban that one of the victims had recorded and shared with the others.  

The police statement didn't say what was on the video, but Ocala police Sgt. Angy Scroble said it showed Lobban misfiring his gun at a shooting range.

"He just kept harping on that" while being questioned, Scroble said. "It really bothered him."

"They put it on Facebook, and that's why he got mad," Santiago's mother, Maria, told NBC station WESH of Orlando.

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