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Moose on loose, but target of his affections playing hard to get

A randy bull moose has been spotted trying to mate with a bronze statue of the animal's likeness on the front yard of a home in Grand Lake, Colo. KUSA's Nick McGurk reports.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but one lovesick bull moose in Colorado is having a hard time understanding that a bronze moose statue is not the same as the real thing.

The young bull has fallen hard for the life-sized moose statue with large antlers in a backyard in Grand Lake, Colo., and he’s attracting people from all over the area to watch him make his moves.

“He’s in love with it,” said Frances Transue, 55, who lives about a mile from the moose love scene. “He acts like he wants to mate it. He kisses it, he nuzzles it.”

Transue isn’t the only one who’s noticed the moose’s courtship. Local media have taken note, and various videos, including one from

YouTube user Adam Reling, have been circulating online.

Like clockwork, the moose calls on the statue in the morning and stays for the most of the day, Bob Balink told NBC affiliate KUSA.

"He's not too shy about it, apparently,” Balink said.

In many parts of Colorado, wildlife such as moose and elk are common in communities. Mike Porras, of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said it’s important that people remember moose can be dangerous to humans.

“Wildlife is unpredictable,” Porras said. “Why that moose is tolerating people coming that close is a question for the moose. Certainly, we recommend people not do that.”

Transue said she often sees moose in her backyard, especially as it gets warmer. This particular bull, who she thinks is about a year old, is the only moose that’s hung around all winter long.

“I think he thinks the statue is a female,” she said, “but it’s definitely not.”

Transue said there were about 20 people watching the moose Saturday evening and it’s been the talk of the town since the statue arrived earlier last week. She was about 20 feet away from the moose when she recorded her video.

“There were lots of people around,” Transue said. “He stops to look at people, but then he goes back to checking his moose out.”