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Marijuana pipe found in 4-year-old's Kid's Meal

Talk about a happy meal. A Michigan family was surprised to find a marijuana pipe, rather than the traditional toy, inside their 4-year-old’s Burger King Kid’s Meal.

The family was in Dundee, Mich., visiting a water park when the boy’s grandfather stopped by a local Burger King to pick up food for the youngster, according to NBC affiliate NBC25. The family discovered the pipe before the boy got to it and contacted police immediately.

Police report that a 23-year-old employee put the pipe in the box in order to hide it while he worked. He had no intention of giving it away.

The employee has been charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Two of the man’s friends have also been charged with drug possession. They were spotted in their car outside the Burger King trying to warn their friend of the police’s involvement.