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Tropical Storm Dorian gathers strength in Atlantic

Tropical Storm Dorian formed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday, marking the fourth named storm in a hurricane season that began June 1.

The storm, which has yet to hit land, is currently moving towards the Leeward Islands at 21 mph, the National Hurricane Center reports. It is centered about 410 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of South Africa.

Conditions in the Atlantic, such as cooler water and dry wind shear, are not conducive to the cyclone intensifying.

If the storm survives, forecasters say it will reach the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, late Sunday night or early Monday.

The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season was forecast to be active, but so far, only Dorian and three other tropical storms have formed. Last season, 10 hurricanes developed between June and October, culminating with Sandy, one of the most destructive cyclones in U.S. history.