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Hannah Anderson, in apparent online chat, says captor 'deserved what he got'

16-year-old kidnapping survivor Hannah Anderson hasn't made any public appearances since her rescue, but it appears Hannah – or someone posing as her – has been speaking out on an online message board. The identity of the poster is unconfirmed. NBC's Joe Fryer reports.

The 16-year-old California girl kidnapped and then rescued in the Idaho backcountry apparently broke her silence on social media and offered new details about her ordeal — saying that her captor “deserved what he got” when he was shot to death.

Posts from Hannah Anderson’s account on the site Ask.fm answered hundreds of questions submitted from around the world. The writer expressed hope that the man authorities say kidnapped her, James Lee DiMaggio, burns in hell.

Authorities say DiMaggio set fire to his own house outside San Diego, killing Hannah’s mother and 8-year-old brother, and kidnapped Hannah. She was rescued after four horseback riders spotted them in Idaho and called law enforcement.


Hannah Anderson, the 16-year-old kidnapped and rescued in Idaho.

While the account was Hannah’s, there was no way to confirm that she was the writer of the posts.

A friend who has known her since elementary school also told NBC San Diego that she was convinced it was Hannah, and the mother of one of Hannah’s closest friends confirmed to The Associated Press that the postings were from Hannah.

A San Diego sheriff’s spokeswoman told the AP that authorities were aware of the online comments.

Hannah also appeared to have changed her Facebook cover picture on Wednesday. She put up a shot of her late mother and little brother, the same one that many news outlets broadcast during the search for Hannah.

In the Ask.fm session, among the questions was one asking whether Hannah was happier that DiMaggio was shot or whether she would have wanted to see him serve life in prison. The answer was: “Shot him. He deserved what he got.”

Asked whether it was uncomfortable to be reunited with her father, she answered: “Well personally it’s kinda hard to see any guy adult right now.”

She also said: “He had a gun and threatened to kill me and anyone who tried to help.”

Questioners online, identifying themselves from as far away as France and Hawaii, showered Hannah with compliments about her physical appearance and asked her typical teenage questions about likes and dislikes.

The poster said, for example, that her favorite singer was Ke$ha, gave the name of her nail salon and said that if she could date anyone in the world it would be the actor Zac Efron.

She expressed frustration repeatedly with the intense media attention to her ordeal. When questioners identified themselves as newspaper reporters, for example, and wanted to talk to her on the phone, she answered: “No please leave me alone. All you guys don’t know the story. And don’t need too. You already got a lot of things mixed up. So please just leave me and my family alone so we can heal. Thank you.”


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