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Roommate of 107-year-old man says cops had no choice but to shoot

The 80-year-old Arkansas woman who called the police on her 107-year-old roommate says officers had no choice but to shoot and kill him.

Pauline Lewis told Little Rock station THV 11 Monday that she invited Monroe Isadore to move in with her last month — but he went ballistic when she suggested he find a new apartment on Saturday night.

"He was very angry. He got hostile," she said. "He was going to kill somebody."

She said Isadore barricaded himself in a bedroom, with the gun pointing out.

"If you want to live, you better get away from this door," he threatened, according to Lewis.

She said she had to call police. "I couldn't do nothing else with it," she said.

Officers from the Pine Bluff Police Department attempted to negotiate with Isadore, who would not cooperate, officials said.

A SWAT team pumped tear gas into the room and he started firing at them through a window, police said. They fired back and he was killed.

The incident is under investigation, but Lewis said police were not out of line.

"He shot first," she said.

"I think they didn't have a choice ... They tried, but they just couldn't do nothing."