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Bystanders hit after cops open fire on suspect near Times Square

Police officers fired shots at an agitated man in Times Square late Saturday, thinking he was armed. The bullets struck two bystanders instead, though the injuries were not fatal. TODAY's Thomas Roberts reports.

NEW YORK — Police opened fire after a confrontation with an emotionally disturbed man near New York City's Times Square late on Saturday night, hitting two women nearby, police told NBC's affiliate WNBC.

The shooting occurred after the 35-year-old man had behaved wildly and pretended to point a gun at officers, police said in a statement. 

Cell phone video captures the scene as two bystanders are injured in a shooting near Times Square on Saturday night. No one was killed.

"The male was blocking traffic and appeared to be attempting to be struck by vehicles when the officer attempted to take him into custody," the statement added.

"The male eluded the officer, and when additional officers responded to the scene, the male put his hand in his pocket and then took it out, simulating that he was shooting at the officers."

Two different police officers then shot at the man but missed him and hit two women instead, the police said.

One of the women, 35, was grazed in the shooting, which occurred in the famed crossing at 8th Avenue and West 42nd Street just after 10 p.m. on Saturday.

A second 54-year-old woman was hit in the knee, police said. Neither had injuries considered life threatening, police said.

"The male was taken into custody after being struck by a Taser fired by a sergeant who responded to the scene," the statement added.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly was expected to give a briefing from Bellevue Hospital where the woman hit in the knee was being treated.

NBC News' Heather Lacy contributed to this report.