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Man who threw $1000 into mall crowd says he wants to do it again

The Minnesota man who “let it snow” by throwing money off a Mall of America balcony on Black Friday wants to do it again — even after receiving a citation.

“If you would direct all your friends to my original YouTube video, that way YouTube can pay me and we will throw more money,” Serge Vorobyov wrote on his Facebook page on Monday.

Vorobyov threw $1,000 — in small bills — into a crowd of holiday shoppers at America’s largest mall while they watched a band perform the song “Let it Snow.”

He broadcasted the reaction on YouTube, along with his confrontation with security and an explanation for what he did — which was to counter Black Friday greed.

Vorobyov has chronicled on Facebook the wave of local and national attention that his grand gesture has brought him, but wants more people to view his video.

He said that if YouTube pays him, he will continue to give it away, but he didn't specify where or to whom.

YouTube "partners" may earn money based on “advertising revenue generated when people view your video,” but “there are no guarantees under the YouTube partner agreement about how much, or whether, you will be paid,” according to the site.

Vorobyov’s video, which he called “Crazy Guy Throws $ 1,000 Dollars off 4th Floor at Mall of America,” had over 170,000 views on Monday evening.


'Make it snow money': Man tosses $1,000 into crowd at Mall of America