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Florida bar investigating complaint against Zimmerman lawyer

The Florida bar is investigating a complaint against George Zimmerman’s high-profile defense lawyer, Mark O’Mara, a spokeswoman told NBC News on Monday.

Joe Burbank / Pool via Getty Images file

The Florida bar is investigating a complaint against Mark O'Mara.

But state bar officials wouldn’t disclose the exact nature of the grievance.

"The Florida Bar has one case pending at staff in regard to attorney Mark O'Mara's representation of George Zimmerman," said Karen Kirksey, the Florida Bar spokeswoman. "All other information is confidential at this time, as is the case with all open investigations."

O'Mara spokesperson Shawn Vincent told NBC News that O'Mara "is unable to comment" on the matter.

It’s unknown who filed the complaint against O’Mara, who became one of the most familiar legal figures in the country when he represented Zimmerman at his second-degree murder trial for shooting unarmed teen Martin.

Zimmerman, who said he was acting in self-defense, was acquitted of all charges in July.

O’Mara has not represented Zimmerman in his last two brushes with the law, domestic violence accusations by estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman and girlfriend Samantha Scheibe. Neither incident led to criminal charges.

O’Mara, who normally charges $400 an hour, has said he and co-counsel Don West have not been paid for more than 3,000 hours of work each of them did on the trial.

Last month, another lawyer said Zimmerman was $2.5 million in debt, and O’Mara said most of that is legal fees.

The lawyer has an agreement with Zimmerman that if he ever has the money, O’Mara will get paid, he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in November.